A Professional Approach to Web and Mobile Development
that puts YOU in the Driver’s Seat

Let’s talk... it’s important. Before we provide a price, a time frame, or a generic “oh yeah, we can do that”, your project needs to be understood. We take the time needed to make sure we understand the details and features that your project requires, then we can move forward.

If your project is a “fit” we then provide you with a detailed, itemized project proposal with estimates on your project cost and time for completion. If your project doesn't quite fit the scope of what we provide we will let you know and point you in the right direction.

Is it time for your “project kickoff”? When you're ready to start you will be assigned a personal project manager to keep you informed and involved during the entire development process.
Your input and direction will drive the design of your project as you work closely with your project manager on each of the design aspects. This includes logo design, color schemes, user interface, and user experience.

You will gain access to live prototypes and wireframes to see how your project will function. This ensures the user interface and user experience match your expectations.
Once you approve the designs and mock-ups, we send your project to our professional development team. The developers will build your project with clean, professional code that you can trust.

You will have access to an online staging environment to see your design come to life, and make any adjustments as needed. The staging environment is created early on in the process, allowing you to 'feel' the application from the beginning.
Here is where we promise to meet expectations and provide you with a product you can take pride in. Satisfaction Guaranteed. We take pride in the projects we work on, our goal is to showcase each project we help create.

We will provide all the support, tools, training, and information you need to move forward successfully after deployment of your project.

We are dedicated to maintaining high standards and delivering the best cost to value ratio as a professional development team, we look forward to working with you and your innovative ideas.

Services Offered


We take our mobile development very seriously, with special focus on excellent usability and design. Our mobile applications are designed to run on smartphones, tablet computers and other mobile devices. They are usually available through application distribution platforms, such as the Apple App Store, Google Play, and the Windows Phone Store. We'll help you decide which platform to begin with, or we can develop for them all.


Creating a quality web project, such as a company web portal, B2B portal, e-commerce project or a client zone, requires the involvement of a whole range of specialists and services. We have an abundance of experience integrating applications with various third party services.


Database development and database design is central to our custom software development projects. After all, regardless of whether you are planning desktop or web deployment, your application will rely on information that must be effectively and efficiently stored. We evaluate each project to determine the right database solution, we typically utilize MySql, MongoDB, Microsoft SQL Server, Neo4j, or Redis.


We can develop your application to run on the Windows or Apple operating systems. These applications can be delivered to your customers via download from the web, or can be submitted to the Mac App Store or Windows App Store. Contact us for additional information and assistance in helping you identify the best platform for your business needs.


We've helped many businesses establish a solid presence on the web…or improve the one they already have. Our talented team of designers build user friendly sites with a special focus on simplicity and clarity. Our custom built websites are created to reflect the unique personality of your business or organization.


No development project is complete without quality design. Our Design team and Project Managers work closely with you to provide quality mockups and prototypes prior to development, so that the final application, website, or system matches your vision.

You have come to the right place if you are looking for a professional long term software development team. We offer the right solutions for your business or organization using different development languages, platforms and operating systems including multi platform solutions. Contact us to discuss your particular demands and we'll help you find the right solution.


Automating your business process is the best thing you can do to ensure the most seamless flow of data and information across all the users of your system. Replace redundant and time-consuming processes with automated solutions we can develop for you. Remove all the paperwork, uniformly distribute information, provide complete historical records, and ensure that information can be accessed from anywhere, by anyone who is authorized.


Our team has experience integrating a plethora of 3rd party services. These can include Social Media Integrations (Facebook, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn, etc), conferencing, payment services (Paypal, Amazon Flexible Payment Service, Google Checkout, etc), Geo location tools, affiliate tracking, advertising, etc.


We assign a highly-skilled and experienced Project Manager to each project that we develop. Our Project Managers are involved in every stage of the development process to ensure adherence to best-practices and development methodologies so that we can deliver on-time, on-budget, high quality and usable applications. We feel that communication and transparency is vital to the development process, and our Project Managers are not only accessible, but become as passionate about your project as you are.


Our experienced team of developers will create the custom system you need, or integrate with existing e-commerce platforms that will cover everything you need to sell your products, track your customers, process your transactions and so much more. All within an easy to use interface. Contact us to help you identify an e-commerce solution that fits your needs perfectly.



  • Swift Setup is a valued partner for my company, handling all of our technology and development needs. I came to Swift Setup with an idea 4 years ago from which they crafted a masterpiece that has helped make my company what it is today. I couldn't be happier with the communication and expertise they continuously provide.
    Aaron Harmon (President, Highmark Group LLC)
  • I have had the opportunity to perform architecture analysis for a variety of companies in a variety of industries over the course of the last decade. This particular piece of software is one of the better pieces of software I have had the privilege to work on. It is very apparent that the software has been built by a team that is concerned with the quality of software that they have produced.
    Charlie S. (3rd-party code review)
  • Every part of the system worked just like I expected it to...You guys have been busting your tails for us and I just wanted you to know that your hard work is paying off, I'm so grateful to be able to work with so many top quality people.
    Joshua Aikens (CEO, Refferal.IM)

Recent Projects

Fluent technologies

  • IOS/Mac

    With OS X, we can develop revolutionary applications, accessible in the Apple App Store. iPad and iPhone devices have taken hold of the mobile computing market in a big way: user affinity is increasing and the number of apps in the Apple App Store is still growing at an impressive rate. iPhone and iPad users represent one of the largest segments of portable device users; iPad devotees dominate the tablet market. This is a great opportunity to engage your customers, get them involved, and make use of your employees’ mobile habits.

  • Android

    Android gives great personalization and choice to its users. The platform embodies diversity: witness the number of OEMs that support Android and the number of platform updates within such a short period. Reach a huge audience of Android users and get great outreach for your business.

  • Windows
    Platform Development

    Windows is now more than just the dominant force on the desktop market. First Microsoft put out feelers with its redesigned Windows Mobile platform and targeted consumers with the Metro UI in its firstWindows Phone version. Now the company has entered the mobile space in a big way, totally reshaping its mobile strategy – Windows Phone 8 and the brand-new Windows 8 for tablets offer tons of exciting features under the hood.

  • Web based

    We combine our design and development skills with extensive experience to deliver exceptional web based applications. Our expertise with web based services and building extensible frameworks ensures that whatever device you want to target whether it is a mobile phone, tablet, or PC or all at once; we can architect an efficient cost effective solution that can easily be adapted to new upcoming platforms and technologies.

  • Cloud

    Building applications for the cloud or Software as a Service (SaaS) can be a cost effective solution for many businesses. Reduced infrastructure costs and easy scalability make cloud based applications a great choice for start-ups. We have extensive experience delivering outsourced cloud solutions with Amazon Web Services.

  • Code

    - Microsoft .NET Frameworks 2.0, 3.0, 3.5
    - C# Language
    - ASP.NET (including MVC)
    - Web Services, WCF, WPF-
    - Web Technologies: Javascript, HTML5, CSS, RESTful - Ruby on rails
    - Node.JS

  • Database

    - Microsoft SQL Server
    - MySql

  • AWS Stack

    -and many more

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